The Gift of Grace

Currently sitting in the dining room of my grandparents house with a cup of coffee and a belated Christmas dinner in the works. It’s been awhile since I’ve shared publicly what life has entailed, probably because it hasn’t been daisies and roses and I’ve been struggling with how to handle my self.   I was reminded […]

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Virtuous Development Part III

Three years ago I started this blog, and tonight I want to reflect back on the journey it’s been opening up to the public, letting myself be seen, and how my greatest tools have been my virtues coupled with my willingness to be vulnerable. For those of you that have been following me since the […]

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Chapter 28

    Where do I begin…this week has been full of hard truths and hard goodbyes. I am currently in Colorado Springs, sitting in a basement room I use to hate being sent to and I am reflecting back on this week and all of the events in my life that have lead to this […]

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Notes of Darkness

I have come to realize a few things over the past month, and one very important observation, that I’ve made as I sit here on a plane going to my Papa’s funeral and to be a pillar of support for a very wounded family. I may not be a coastguard, or a doctor, or a […]

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Shifting into Gear

Currently sitting in a coffee shop, for the first time in many months. It’s been a couple months now since I last wrote, and I fear I might have shook myself up more than anyone that read my post! Shortly after I posted that excerpt, I had many people message me and a few reach […]

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My Little Runaway

Well. Things have changed, ALOT this time… As I play Del Shannon’s hit song circa 1961, Runaway, over and over again, I am realizing that I have truly been running away from myself. Why is it so hard to be there with yourself? Maybe its because we associate being with ourselves, with loneliness. We’re afraid […]

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Ahhh It’s been awhile since I last wrote…maybe because I’ve been reluctant to share all the details of what these past couple of months have entailed. I mostly feel uncomfortable sharing the fact that I’ve been attempting to date again, and I eventually found out that it was too soon. So in hindsight, it was […]

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The Fool Again

It seems that I have come to place where, I’m unsure how honest I can be whilst writing to the general public. The thing is, I’m not writing for anyone but myself. So to be here now, at a place where I am now aware that there are more people keen on reading what I […]

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The Gardener

Another abstract semi-poetic post. I’d like to talk about the what’s going on on an energetic level within me that I feel many others can relate to at this time.Especially those that I have and am connected to.  It would probably be useful to expand my knowledge of the planets and the stars, but Im […]

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