Virtuous Development

   I have used it to control thoughts that can snowball into mass fits of overthinking, mental torture, very draining indeed. I have used it when I want to push myself in the gym. I have used it when I want to push myself in my creative pursuits, like writing this blog. I have used it to quit my job and follow my heart. I have used it when I know it’s safe to proceed, and so, I do so. This list has kept me going, and although I am definitely no angel, I do my absolute best to be good, and than better. 

 As I mentioned my list of virtues in the previous post, I would like to go into further detail, as it has been the inspiration behind everything that I am doing now.  I realize though that they are subject to change, when I do, and so I put a list together of what applies to my life at the moment.

Here is the list with short summaries with both aspects to each virtue.

1.Honesty: Upright; to always tell the truth and stay true to myself. Reversed; being able to accept the whole truth and not pick out the pieces you want to see.

2.Courage: Upright; Living life fearlessly, taking action without fear of the yet to come. Reversed; not allowing fear to control your actions, or lack thereof.

3.Compassion: Upright; being kind to others as well as your self. Reversed; understanding when something that may not feel good is still necessary.

4. Prudence; Upright; making decisions wisely using foresight and personal discretion. Reverse; Understanding how all actions have reactions which you choose to feed is the one that  will manifest. 

5. Dignity; Upright; Self-worth, valuing your self. Reversed; Holding your value of your self above anyone else’s.

6. Tenacity; Upright; Strength of mind, Sheer determination. Reversed; Remaining grounded and in control of ones thoughts and reactions. 

7. Service; Upright; Understanding that we must all do our part. Reversed; Understanding that our part is specific to us and sometimes we must do what isn’t easy for just anyone, it’s our job.   

8. Wholesomeness; Upright; General health and cleanliness. Nurturing all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. Reversed; Being able to listen to the body’s needs and exercising care for them.

9. Humour; Upright; Always remain kind and open. Reversed; Don’t forget to laugh at yourself. 

Similar to the cards, there are always two sides of every situations, if not multiple facets. That is what I remember, as I experience where I need each one more, I begin to map out all of the bumps in the road I can for see running by on this journey.

Lessons don’t all come in blows, sometimes they are softer nudges trying to push you in the right direction.

If you decide you want to be the best you can, try to write yourself a list of virtues to remind yourself throughout the day. Maybe even change your password to one of them. Write them down and stick them around where you will see them. When the challenges come and you are faced with a situation where you want to take an route of action repeat to yourself a few of them that could apply to how you can best handle it. Think about how it will benefit and effect yourself, and others.

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