Happy Hauntings

Do you believe in ghosts? What are ghost? We imagine this spectre eerily present, it’s as though we can feel we are being watched. The feeling of not being alone, when we appear to be, fills us with anxiety. This is the classic haunting, but what about the everyday mundane hauntings that occur more often […]

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F@ck You, and Thank You VERY much.

What moves you? Where do your passions lie? What brings you endless joy? What is important to you in this life? These are the questions to ponder before you can develop personal values. They don’t have to be big answers. Some people value the littlest things, and this makes  everyday feel incredibly rewarding. If the […]

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The Lovers, in Reverse

  Have you ever found yourself in a continuous cycle? The same situations keep repeating themselves, and you don’t really understand why. Our failure to declare what it is that we want, unfortunately requires us to learn over and over what it is that we do NOT want before we finally figure it out. Hopefully, […]

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The Hanged Man & Temperance

Sometimes, it is our physical bodies getting sick or wounded, or it’s our minds running rampant so much so that we’ve exhausted ourselves, sometimes we feel too much that we try to stay busy to avoid acknowledging what we’re even going through. One way or another, it all catches up to you. Fortunately, situations will […]

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