The Hanged Man & Temperance

Sometimes, it is our physical bodies getting sick or wounded, or it’s our minds running rampant so much so that we’ve exhausted ourselves, sometimes we feel too much that we try to stay busy to avoid acknowledging what we’re even going through. One way or another, it all catches up to you. Fortunately, situations will present themselves as opportunities to break patterns that restrain ourselves from doing what is best for numero uno, and no one but. 

  Within these past couple months, I have learned what my inner voice sounds like, although I didn’t recognize it’s truth until proven otherwise. Within the journey of The Fool, The Hanged Man represents the point in time when one may require to surrender, sacrifice, and be suspended in time. The more we resist against this in between time, the harder the lesson. For myself, I am finally beginning to get it. I had so many clear signs, and every obstacle I took as a challenge to overcome, instead of realizing it was placed there for my benefit.

I let myself hang, I suspending my actions and I am learning that now is the time for Temperance. Another part of the Fool’s journey, Temperance represents a time of balancing out, moderation, patience, purpose, and meaning. Instead of looking for instant gratification, it’s time to sacrifice those pleasures in order to pursue long term goals. What do I want to achieve? Although long term goals, obviously take longer, they also have long term rewards, and that is what I will remember as I keep moving forward.

There is absolutely no need to rush in to anything. Taking our time, ensures that we are doing everything the best we can. Although I have been in a state of grief and shock, I feel at peace knowing that time moves again and now I can focus on patience and precision. I will never doubt my gut again, and that inner voice will be my guide gently turning me in the right direction.

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