New Year New Nine

It only seems fitting to re-evaluate this blog as I begin the New Year. This blog began with a list of virtues. It was what served as a tool for me to use, when I needed to be reminded of who I wanted to be day to day. It was my list of virtues that I would return to as I faced doubt and fear. It was my way of checkin in with myself and keeping myself on track.

Here is the list from the end of 2017’s post, “Virtuous Development” , these are what fit into what I needed at that time and continued into the year of 2018,

.1.Honesty: Upright; to always tell the truth and stay true to myself. Reversed; being able to accept the whole truth and not pick out the pieces you want to see.

2.Courage: Upright; Living life fearlessly, taking action without fear of the yet to come. Reversed; not allowing fear to control your actions, or lack thereof.

3.Compassion: Upright; being kind to others as well as your self. Reversed; understanding when something that may not feel good is still necessary.

4. Prudence; Upright; making decisions wisely using foresight and personal discretion. Reverse; Understanding how all actions have reactions which you choose to feed is the one that  will manifest. 

5. Dignity; Upright; Self-worth, valuing your self. Reversed; Holding your value of your self above anyone else’s.

6. Tenacity; Upright; Strength of mind, Sheer determination. Reversed; Remaining grounded and in control of ones thoughts and reactions. 

7. Service; Upright; Understanding that we must all do our part. Reversed; Understanding that our part is specific to us and sometimes we must do what isn’t easy for just anyone, it’s our job.   

8. Wholesomeness; Upright; General health and cleanliness. Nurturing all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. Reversed; Being able to listen to the body’s needs and exercising care for them.

9. Humour; Upright; Always remain kind and open. Reversed; Don’t forget to laugh at yourself. 

These virtues helped me overcome obstacles that I faced after a series of low points in my life, after a big breakup and learning to live in my van, after quitting a job I was moving up in and rebuilding myself up in a new one, and in the end I always felt good about myself knowing that I had lived up to my virtues. And when I failed to do so, I was honest about my failure, and so truly I never failed.

Now it is time for a new chapter, again I am the Fool, leaping off the edge into the unknown, but this time I take with me a sack full of tools that I’ve found to assist me in any challenge and knowing how useful they are, and how resourceful I have become, I feel a fresh bout of confidence, strength, and stamina.

So with that I would like to define my new list. It takes time to develop a list that is truly suitable and customized to your own needs, so I would like to sit with this idea a little longer and flesh each one of them out. I can’t just pick from a list exactly, what I need is a memory to attach to each word. It can be simple, like an image of myself laughing at a chaotic situation, or it can be a detailed recollection of how I was raised to never lie and therefore honesty is an important virtue for myself to always maintain.

I would encourage anyone reading this, surely thinking about your new years resolutions, to think about creating your own list of virtues. Instead of changing something, or losing weight, or quitting smoking, try to instead set your intention for HOW you wish to act this new year. Maybe more mindfulness, more diligence, and more wholesomeness is what you truly need. Let’s all think about it. I have a good feeling about this year. 2019. Let’s revel in it, and embrace our lives and the present moment, because as they say “The now is a gift, that is why they call it the present”.

All my love, thank you for reading ❤

2 thoughts on “New Year New Nine

  1. What a beautiful way to begin the new year! I, too, shall reflect on intentions that I want to embrace in HOW I live. Thank you for the inspiration!!


  2. Wonderful Jess, thank you for always being so honest and inspiring the rest of us to look inside as well as outside. Hugs to you


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