Moving has always been a way of life, I’ve reached a point where I’ve moved so many times that I have to retrace my steps. Japan, California, New Mexico, Texas, Alberta, almost Indiana, and now its been a back and forth adventure between British Columbia and Alberta. I would say that every time I’ve left beautiful B.C, I always knew I’d be back. I’ve travelled to many different places around the globe, and I would easily say that B.C out triumphs them all. This time was different, I didn’t really know where I was going or what I was going to do, but I knew who I wanted to be with and the rest would fall into place. After leaving the arid desert-like dry and miserably cold climates of a “mild” winter in the outskirts of the Rockies, to lush bright-green bountiful fields skirted by ample amounts of old and young growth forest, nestled by the abundant flora and fauna, rising and falling with the curves of the hills; invigorated, by the fresh sea breeze, the warm life-giving climate of the West Coast, I was home.

So now, here I am living on Vancouver Island in a network of small communities discovering my way around and building a life for myself with my pack. In my new relationship I was lucky enough to score a 2 for 1 deal. A charming man and his charming hound, James and Red. After James courageously drove us all out through the terrible snow covered roads of the interior, we had about a week together moving Jeremiah and I, into his home before James had to go back to work overseas. And now it’s just the hounds and I waiting for our man to come home, but in the meantime having endless adventures.

Adventures that push me out of my comfort zone, like driving this fancy Mercedes Benz, finding myself lost only to discover a new road to take next time. The hounds have kept me going, everyday we wake up early and we cuddle for half an hour, then one of the boys will let me know it’s time. I’ll throw on some clothes, and James’s coat, grab the leashes and some treats, if Im lucky Ill get to make a pot of coffee, and then we’re startin’ up the car loadin’ up,  making decisions as we move forward.

I’ve discovered that I really have become a creature of habit, maybe moving around so much has lead me to yearn for steady routines. Wake up, coffee, walk, eat, walk, maybe go grab some groceries, home, smoke a joint,it’s probably around 4:20 by now, maybe watch a tv show while doodling in my sketch pad, let the boys out, and grub up for everyone, then Ill watch a movie and pass out on the couch cuddling the pups. I’ve changed it up sometimes, like waking up before the hounds, starting a pot of coffee, reading in silence or with some latin jazz, then let the boys out, start the car so they’ll come back, load up and drive to a field or a bay, let the boys run, maybe grab a glass of beer and contemplate my next move, then go somewhere else for the boys to run, and continue the same later half of the routine. I try to get home before dark as I’ve always hated driving at dark, but I figure the more I drive during the day time the more comfortable Ill be with the twist and turns at night, and night is basically 5pm now, so it’s a challenge Ill have to conquer.

Luckily facetime exists so when Im missing my love he’s right there on the screen. Long distance from the beginning of relationship isn’t easy, but when you know you know, it’s worth the wait. I get to wake up in the middle of the night to a flood of love letters. I daydream about the adventures I know we’ll go on when he gets home. I get time and support to create my own life here and at the same time Im overwhelmed with joy that I have become apart of his.

When something happens, like yesterday I got a flat tire, and I really wished that my man was there to help me out,  instead his family was there for me and that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It made me realize that a family’s support and supporting a family is where this girl’s next chapter is going. Creating a wholesome balanced life for more than just myself, but my family. Wholesomeness, one of the virtues I had set out to maintain but never understood the entire meaning of until now. Sure there are waves of loneliness that set in, I’ve got a movie playing in the background that I’ve watched a dozen times, Im drinking a huge cup of coffee, I baked a loaf of bread. It’s been a peaceful transition, and now I’ve got a job interview lined up tomorrow for a serving position. It’s snowing, the boys are passed out on the couch, and we are settling in to our home.


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