The Fool Again

It seems that I have come to place where, I’m unsure how honest I can be whilst writing to the general public. The thing is, I’m not writing for anyone but myself. So to be here now, at a place where I am now aware that there are more people keen on reading what I […]

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The Gardener

Another abstract semi-poetic post. I’d like to talk about the what’s going on on an energetic level within me that I feel many others can relate to at this time.Especially those that I have and am connected to.  It would probably be useful to expand my knowledge of the planets and the stars, but Im […]

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Post Tofino

Let’s see. I last checked in while I was up in Tofino and found out the hard way that I wasn’t going to be able to stay for long before I burnt through all my savings. So after I finished sending out that last post, I packed up my things, loaded up on gas and […]

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