The Gardener

Another abstract semi-poetic post.

I’d like to talk about the what’s going on on an energetic level within me that I feel many others can relate to at this time.Especially those that I have and am connected to. 

It would probably be useful to expand my knowledge of the planets and the stars, but Im not trying to predict the forecast here I just feel like a cathartic writing of sorts. I  rely off pure intuition as well as the inspiration from a card I pulled yesterday, the “Princess of Pentacles”, more commonly referred to as the Page, “The Page of Pentacles depicts a young man standing in a grassy field of blooming flowers. In the distance behind him is a small patch of trees and a newly ploughed field, promising an abundant harvest. The mountain range in the horizon signifies the upcoming challenges and obstacles the Page must surmount along his journey. The Page holds a gold coin in his hand and examines it carefully, as if to discover how to manifest even more gold and abundance.” (Biddy Tarot

As long, and as gruelling, as these past few years have felt, finally the clearing of all that doesn’t serve our highest good, those things, relationships, thought patterns, they have been slowly falling away as we have all been evaluating and re-evaluating our personal values. What reflects this, we have cherished within ourselves, and what we see as incompatible with that vision we have slowly let go, one by one.

I know I am not the only one that has been significantly going through this. I feel like I’ve been breaking up the dirt and sifting it over and over again as I’ve examined all the components of the soil. I’ve weeded it, and the weed grows back, but relentlessly we’ve continued, and now finally the proof of the labour is beginning to become evident. Now is the time to focus on what seeds we want to grow. What will we feed? What will we nourish? Where is this going?

With the new year, 2020 approaching it feels like this will be a year for many to claim their personal power, to put plans into action and pair it with focused pursuit. Fruition and abundance is undoubtably on the way. The key seems to be, to practically visualize a tangible elevation, develop a clear plan to the very step, maintain a fierce focused intention,and  follow through in action. I’m speaking to myself, but Im sure others can relate.

  A lot of loss, a lot of goodbyes, a lot of feeling lost. There is a blessing in disguise here, although my version of what the collective seems to be going through at this time, seems a little extreme. Have I lost it all? In actuality, letting go isn’t the loss we expect it to be.

Even though it feels like I lost my dreams of having a home, and a family, a foundation. I’ve really only discovered what it is I really want. I’ve let go of what doesn’t serve my highest good, and my aim is high.  So as lost in the world as I have been feeling, I have also discovered a new found comfort in this knowledge, that I know what I want in the end. Never have I felt more solid within myself as I do now. Even when it all melts away, I am so pleased with the person I am. I’ve found peace in solitude because I love to spend time with myself. I feel rich because I have myself, my mind, my love, I have endless gratitude for what I do have. Sometimes, Im so happy that I cry. Because I know that no matter how bad it gets in the moment, I struck gold this time around. This life has been gold. My soul feels like gold. It keeps me warm and I know that I’m here to share that warmth.

In some way I feel like there has been an internal controlled fire slowly burning away all the impurities, somehow the destruction breeds fertile soils and improves the entire ecosystem.

And now the rain begins to pour. The first droplet reaches the top of your crown and the coolness of the water sends chills down your spine. You lift your palms to the sky, and take a deep inhale. That fresh air, the smell of rain hitting hot concrete. It soothes the burn. The water mixes with the soil. The soil sighs. Are you ready?

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